Goals and Objectives


Immediate goals:


        Continue to gain more extensive and diverse classroom teaching experiences

        Continue developing performance skills on trumpet and violin††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

        Obtain a new teaching position that will enable me to continue my education


Short term goals:


        Settle into my new living environment

        Meet school district employees and begin a cordial working relationship

        Assess materials/classroom space/instruments for the first year

        Set up classroom procedures and environment

        Organize music library

        Pick music for upcoming concerts

        Develop initial lesson plans that follow music curriculum of district


Long term goals:

        Pursue continuing education credits toward a Masterís degree

        Participate in community ensembles (orchestra, pit orchestra, brass groups, etc)

        Foster better listening skills in my ensemble students by exposing them to representative literature and master artists

        Get to know my students as musicians and individuals

        Help students build the basic musical skills needed for lifelong music making