Philosophy of Education


I believe that the study of music is important for everyone, regardless of talent or future occupation.  It is my hope to provide students with a knowledge and appreciation of music that will lead to formal or informal lifelong music making.  I believe that students need music as an outlet to express their deepest emotions and to deal with the increasing life pressures they feel as they grow into adolescence.  Exposure to a wide variety of subject areas such as music, foreign language, English, math, science, history, and art will equip our students with diverse thinking processes that will help them deal with real life situations more effectively.  Participation in a music ensemble fosters teamwork and self-discipline, as well as provides a source of positive self-esteem.

The greatest thing a teacher can do is be a positive role model for students.  It is extremely important for me to try to teach every student to the best of my ability, even if this means individualizing instruction or changing my methods of teaching.  I also think it is important to focus on the whole child, including their intellectual, emotional, physical, and social needs.  Of course, teaching musical concepts is very important, but I feel that if you cannot connect with students as people, you cannot connect with them as musicians either.  Above all, I believe Earnest Melby who declared, “One of the most important things a teacher can do is to send the pupil home in the afternoon liking himself just a little better than when he came in the morning.”