Classroom Discipline and Reward Policies



Students will be expected to:

        Bring instruments to school everyday

        Arrive on time to class

        Unpack instruments quickly and quietly

        Refrain from speaking while the teacher or others are speaking††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

        Follow directions to the best of their ability

        Bring a pencil to class

        Maintain a positive attitude

        Clean up after rehearsal

        Adhere with all school district policies


Positive behaviors will be rewarded accordingly.The class will accrue points for the good behaviors listed above at the discretion of the teacher.The group reward for reaching 100 points will be a small ensemble rehearsing day.The students will be allowed to split into various small groups of their choice for one class period.The teacher will provide some music that can be prepared by each small group.These could include show tunes, popular tunes, classical pieces, or jazz standards, depending on the interests and abilities of the class.Students may also bring in appropriate music of their own, at the discretion of the teacher.Each group will practice on its own for the majority of the class and then present a rendition of its piece at the end of the class in a short recital.


Minor unacceptable behaviors:



        Inappropriate use of instruments

        Talking or playing out of turn


Major unacceptable behaviors:

        Bullying another student or the teacher

        Fighting with other students

        Cheating on written work or tests

        Possession of drugs, alcohol, or weapons


Discipline problems will be addressed at the time of the occurrence as the teacher sees fit.A record will be keep by the teacher of daily problems and actions used to correct these problems.


Minor offenses will be dealt with by the following means:

        Verbal warning

        Studentís name written on the blackboard

        Seat change

        Exclusion from classroom activities for a short period of time

        Note sent home or a parent phone call

        After school detentions

        In-school suspension

        Out-of-school suspension


Major offenses will be dealt with by the following means:

        Referral to the principal and/or guidance counselor


Miscellaneous Classroom Policies:

        All school district/building policies will be enforced

        Make up work will be made up within three days of returning to school.Special circumstances will be addressed between the teacher and the student.

        Cheating will result in a zero on the assignment and an instant referral to the principal.

        Students who fail to bring their instruments to lessons will be sent back to their normal classes and will receive a minus in the grade book for the day.Each minus will lower the final grade by ten points.Students who fail to bring their instruments to rehearsal will be expected to sit quietly and to attentively practice fingerings while they follow along with the music.

        Three effort points will be assigned every group rehearsal day on an individual basis.Students who are working effectively and are not singled out for misbehavior will receive three points.Those who get a verbal warning will receive two points.Those who had their name posted on the board will receive one point.Those who were moved or taken out of rehearsal will receive zero points for the day.

        Cell phones are not allowed in class.If the teacher hears a cell phone ring or sees a student text messaging in class, the cell phone will be confiscated until the end of the period.Repeat offenses may result in the cell phone being sent to the office for the duration of the day with pickup policies at the discretion of the office staff.

        The instrument storage room and rehearsal space are to be kept clutter free at all times.Cases are to remain out of the isles where other people can trip over them.Garbage must be thrown in appropriate waste receptacles.

        No food or drink is allowed in the music room.Water is acceptable if kept in a container with a lid.