If I can't even convince my wife I am perfect, I likely won't be able to convince you either. While perfection may not be attainable, I certainly won't stop trying to improve myself. I pride myself in working hard and efficiently. Mistakes are inevitable although I have been able to minimize them through up front and continuous communication with account excetuvies and clients.

In 2010, I completed my degree in Digital Communications from Lebanon Valley College in Annville, PA. Lebanon Valley College is a small, private institution that offered an education where I could work closely with my professors. The Digital Communications program provided me with knowledge of theory, and actual practice in the areas of design, business, communications, and computer science. Our coursework stressed the importance of user-centered design.

My concentration under my major focused on design, but I also fulfilled the requirements for a business minor in my course of study. I gained deeper insight into design theory and business practices while studying these courses. Example topics include target marketing to specific demographic groups and usability testing to ensure that end users react as expected.

I began an internship at Weber Advertising & Marketing over the summer of 2009. After learning the processes of the agency and completing jobs from beginning to end on my own, I was asked to extend my internship through the fall semester and then worked part time during the final semester of my senior year. Following graduation in the May of 2010, I began full-time employment as a graphic artist for Weber Advertising.

Shortly after I began to focus on web design and became the web developer for the company. While starting out with HTML and CSS, I began to incorporate the use of PHP to develop websites more efficiently. From there, I used PHP to connect to MySQL databases which allowed for larger scale projects. I've also found that the use of simple JavaScript and jQuery allow for the development of more user-friendly interfaces.


fast facts


Lebanon Valley College (Class of 2010)
BS in Digital Communications
Concentration in Design
Minor in Business Administration


Freelance Graphic Design Designer (2005 to Present)
Create visual identities, designs, and websites

Weber Advertising & Marketing

Weber Advertising & Marketing (2009 to Present)
Full Time Graphic/Web Designer (2010 to Present)
Art Intern (Fall Semester 2009)
Art Intern (Summer 2009)
Create art for graphic design projects including logos, signage, posters, websites, etc.