Classroom Management


Classroom Rules:

1. Donít speak while others are speaking or playing

2. Respect your fellow classmates and be patient

3. Keep your hands to yourself

4. Remember to bring your instrument, music, and a pencil to class



Reward System:


*Write M U S I C on the board, take away one letter for each behavioral issue

-At the end of the week, if the class has accumulated enough letters, allow them to partake in an

†† activity of their choice (have them choose from a list of activities that are fun but also have education value

†† and connect with whatever concept is being learned in class as to not waste class time)


*Personal System: Use levels of badges (bronze, silver gold, etc.) to reward good playing and practicing

Bronze: Play selected scale exercises from lesson book

Silver: Play a more difficult etude selection from lesson book

Gold: Play a short unaccompanied piece in front of the class