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 Last month (February 20), LVC hosted an undergraduate conference. I was one of the orgnaizers of the event, along with my colleagues-Diane Johnson, Chris Dolan, and John Hinshaw. This conference was the culimination of our collaboration together. We have spent two years investigating fear and terror. The event was fantastic. I think it was great to see undergraduates get the chance to present their work in a non-threatening environment. Many of them were first time presenters. It was also nice to have multiple disciplines represented. Typically, conferences are limted to a single discipline or single sub-discipline.

Our Keynote Speaker--Sheldon Solomon--gave a energetic and engaging talk about "Man's Inhumanity to Man."

Dr. Sheldon Solomon is a leading researcher in Terror Managment Theory. It was a real treat to have him come and speak.

On a personal note, members of my lab presented two posters at the conference. These posters were on complimentary projects that are the first works to come out of my lab.

The first poster was titled "Identity vs. Regulatory Capacity: Two Explanations for Perseverance" is a 're-presentation' of a research that I did at SPSP a few weeks ago.  Here is a picture of MaryKatherine Mitchell, Mariela Horna, and Anh Tran, who were authors on the poster along with me. This poster won a "Best  Poster Award" at the conference.

pictured: Anh Tran, Mariela Horna, & MaryKatherine Mitchell

The other poster was titled "Do Self-Presentational Management Concerns Override the Consequences of Regulatory Depletions on Perseverence?". Ashley Collins, Mike Fleming, Tanisha Rine, and Kim Flanagan (not pictured) were student authors on this poster with me.

pictured: Tanisha Rine, Ashley Collins, & Mike Fleming

Overall, the conference was a big success. Congratulations and a big thanks to my students who put in the hard work on these research projects and posters.