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I am pleased to announce that I will be co-teaching a course, "The God Debate" (REL 311) with my colleague in the Religion and Philoslophy Department, Dr. Matt Sayers, in the fall semester (2014). Below is the course description.

"This course is co-taught by Michael Kitchens, professor of Psychology, and Matthew Sayers, professor of religion, and will focus student efforts on the debates revolving around the existence of God. Students will examine arguments for and against the existence of a divine being, consider responses to these arguments, and, ultimately, generate their own argument for or against the existence of God. The majority of the class will focus on western conceptions of the divine and consider arguments made in the west about the nature of the divine, but we will briefly examine other cultural responses to the question of the existence of god(s). Writing Process."

The flyer was produced by Dr. Matt Sayers.