Youth Scholars


The Daniel Fox Youth Scholars Institute is a week long summer program, where outstanding high school students get a college-like experience by taking a non-credit college course from an LVC professor in a course of their choice. LIFE'S BIG QUESTIONS: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE SELF was a program offered as part of this program (2008-2010). See class photos HERE.

In this workshop, we addressed several questions related to identity (e.g., do others see me as I see myself?), meaning (e.g., where do people find meaning?), and happiness (e.g., can money buy happiness?). While psychological research is unable to unlock all the secrets of life, it does indicate that finding identity, meaning, and happiness are crucial and uniquely human psychological processes.

In summary, Life's Big Questions: The Psychology of the Self introduces the field of psychology by addressing some of life's most interesting questions.  In this workshop, students engaged in lively class discussions, watch interesting films, participate in class experiments, and explore their own interests in research projects with their classmates. Overall, this workshop provides students with a college-like experience on a topic intended to promote personal growth and understanding, as well as intellectual curiosity.