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I was quoted in Self magazine, discussing self-control research in the context of accomplishing New Year's resolutions. The quote is below:

Make No More Than Three Specific, Challenging Goals. According to Michael Kitchens, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology at Lebanon Valley College, you should limit yourself to a few challenging goals (making just one resolution is totally fine!) and make sure they're specific. For example, "I want to lose weight" rarely leads to success. "Set a specific goal, such as 'I want to lose X number of pounds by Y,'" suggests Kitchens. And make sure the goal is challenging, but manageable. "People who set high goals tend to accomplish more, but this does not mean that your goals should be unrealistic. This simply means that setting an unreasonably low goal provides little motivation to reach your goal.
Track Your Progress. Kitchens has found that people are more successful when they monitor their progress. "Monitoring those few, challenging goals you set will dramatically improve your success rate," he says.
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