Grants Awarded


2013-2016, ACS Petroleum Research Fund Type UR, “Selectivity Control in Aqueous Phenol Hydrogenation Using Palladium Nanocatalysts,” $65,000


2008-2010, Research Corporation Cottrell College Science Award, “Elementary Photoreactions for the Synthesis of Amino Acids on a Model Interstellar Surface,” $44,820


2007-2010, National Science Foundation Research in Undergraduate Institutions, “Selectivity Control in Ketone Hydrogenation on Nanoscale Platinum Catalysts,” $144,600


2003-2005, ACS Petroleum Research Fund Type AEF, “Hydrogen Production from the Indirect and the Direct Partial Oxidation of Methane: Development of Molecular-Level Mechanisms from In-Situ Studies on Platinum Single Crystal Surfaces,” $100,000