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Philosophy of Education

There are many things that make a teacher a good teacher.One of them is the ability to motivate students.If students do not like the subject they are learning, they will not pay attention.A studentís mind may wander and they will not learn any of the material being taught.The teacher needs to be creative with their teaching methods, because there are many different learning styles.Some students learn by being involved in the classroom while others learn just by reading.A teacher needs to be able to think of ways to teach lessons using many different styles.A teacher should make up activities that involve the students in the subject matter and use things the students are interested in to teach the subject.Most students learn better when they can apply something they know and/or like to something that does not interest them.So, a teacher should find out some of his or her students interests and try to incorporate them into the lessons.A teacher also needs to have patience with his or her students.Some students take longer to learn than others and a teacher needs to be able to understand that and still help all of the students.

It is very important for students to find something they love to do.I want students to have the opportunity to learn about music and see if it is something they will want in their lives.They do not have to leave my classroom with the same love for music that I have, but I want them to experience and understand what music is all about.When they come into my classroom I want them to forget about all the things that have gone wrong in their day and enjoy themselves.I would like my future students to have something that they enjoy doing and something that they can continue using for as long as they want.I know I have the patience to work with students, even when their attention is focused elsewhere.I know how creative you have to be in order to get and keep young students attention.My passion and enthusiasm for music will lead me to create interesting ways to teach music to young children.


*Full Philosophy upon request*