Welcome to my Digital Portfolio.

My name is Megan Schoch, I am a current student of Lebanon Valley College perusing a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Communications.

Digital Communications is a program that teaches students how to use media as a way of formulating solutions to problems in their everyday lives. Students learn the fundamentals components of business, communication, design, and computer science in order to determine which career path they would like to take. Their exposure to the principles of each field helps the students determine how digital technology takes a part in the processes of delivering information to the world. Students will learn how to develop effective designs, work within and manage large groups, learn how to effectively communicate to specific audiences, and will develop skills in technology in order to solve problems within the digital world.

My prospective concentration of communications in the Digital Communications field incorporates the new digital age into the world of communications. They develop an understanding of how to demonstrate visual and written content to a large range of audiences. They concentrate in creating written content, as well as how to develop and design ideas in order to visualize this content to their viewers.

Besides my studies, I am involved on the varsity Lebanon Valley College volleyball team and also a SAAC (Student Athlete Advising Committee) member. These teams and committees have allowed myself to work within a group and team environment, also to learn several leadership qualities.

Consequently, I am most interested in the fields of communications, advertising, PR, marketing, and copywriting.