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Why I Should Pass!

       Hey! My name is Michael Hull and I am a senior in the Digital Communications program here at LVC. I have a concentration in design (you could probably tell from my beautiful site). I created this site to prove why I should be allowed to gradute with a degree in Digital Communications come the spring.
       Digital Communications, to me, is using different forms of media to communicate an idea/message or solve a problem. In order to achieve this it is important to have an understanding of User Centered Design (UCD). UCD is being able to take into account the wants, needs, and limitations of the people who will end up user your product.
       Over the past 3 years, this program's curriculum has given me a wide array of skills to use in the real world. Not only have the classes given me the raw skills to complete projects, they have also taught me how to effectively plan and carry out these projects. Looking back, I am glad this is the major I ended up with. Hopefully you agree that I deserve to finish my college education with a degree in Digital Communications.