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Business Comparison

    The point of this assignment was to take a look at two similar businesses and to compare them to each other. I took a look at and Through comparing them I was able to get a better look at how they were set up and what kind of strategies them employed. This assignment was early in my education and it helped to give me a good first look into how businesses operate. You can view the full paper here.

Client Needs Analysis

    The purpose of the Client Needs Analysis is to take a look at what your client needs/wants and evaluate the best way to go about getting to where they would like to be. I looked at a statement of the client's goals and objectives and then used tools like the SWOT analysis and media rationale to decide how to reach their goals. I included this work because the client is a huge part of business and it is important to know how to handle achieving your client's goals. Read the whole analysis here.

Integrated Areas: