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Completion Report

    This report was done for Multimedia last year. It was a report we each did at the end of the project to give our own personal input on how we thought the project went. I am including this because I think it is an important piece of communication. It serves as a way to evaluate the overall performance of the group and figure out how to do things better the next time. This could also be tied into business as it helps create a smoother process. View the full paper here.

Integrated Areas:


    This Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) was created for our group project in Capstone. It splits up the things we need to get done in order for this to be a successful project and it does it in an easy to read way. I wanted to include this because it is a good way to communicate the things we need to do. Business could tie into this as you need to manage your work and who is doing what. I also see design in the effective layout of the structure. View the WBS larger here.

Integrated Areas: