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Vinegar Tom

      This was a project I did for Typography. We were supposed to design a poster to promote the upcoming play being put on by the Wig and Buckle. This project is a good example of color and composition. It also highlights my understanding of proper type use and my ability to communicate a message effectively.

Integrated Areas:

SHM Logo

Integrated Areas:

Magazine Cover

      This was a project that I did for my Digital Graphic Design class freshman year. We had to make up a magazine of our choice and create a cover layout for it. This was a good excercise for learning how to maximize the space you have to work with. I had to find ways to convey multiple messages to my potential reader without ruining the cover image. This is still one of my favorite projects.

Integrated Areas:

Book Cover

      This is another project from freshman year in Digital Graphic Design and it is another one of my favorites. I think it is the face in the bottom left corner that really gets me. This is another good example of being able to use space effectively to get the necessary information across.

Charcoal Drawing

      I did this drawing in my Fundamentals of Drawing class Junior year. I wanted to include it in my portfolio to show that I am able to create things outside of the digital realm. It is here to show the diversity of my abilities and that I am not just tied to photoshop all the time. I think that being able to draw and sketch things is an invaluable skill when trying to get an idea down or if you want to create something original.

Self Portrait

      This is a project from my Junior year for Fundamentals of Design. I made it to show the two different side to me. I wanted to include this piece to show another aspect of my design abilities in another medium. I think it is important to have diversity within the concentration area.