E-Portfolio  of Mark W. Davidson

Bachelors of Science: Music Education

Bachelors of Arts: Music

Educational Philosophy

First and foremost my philosophy is based on a mixture of the existentialist and progressive philosophies. I believe people are in charge of their own destines and it is my job as a teacher to prepare my students for life, not only musically but in general as well. I believe that instruction should be done so that the student is not only able to understand the topic, but is able to apply it in and out of school as well. Classes should be taught in a manner so that they stimulates the students’ interest towards the subject. As a teacher, it is my job to expand the student’s knowledge of the diversity, creative possibilities, and attributes of what music is comprised from. It is also important to teach the students to look past the words and notes, and into the deeper meaning of what they hear

Each student is more then what information they know, they are also individuals with different experiences and have different knowledge. It is important to see every aspect of the individual student, not only as a pupil, but also as a person. Another important aspect of teaching is the ability to keep an open mind. Because each student is different, it takes various ways of approaching subject matter so that each student learns the way they are able. Also when dealing with multiple people it is important to be open enough to listen and learn as well as teach. Certain students may face difficulties because of their past, which is something that must be addressed and worked with as a teacher.  It is also an important part of my job to see potential for good and greatness in even the most difficult of students.

 One of the most important things I can do, as a teacher, is to keep the interest of the students. One way of doing this is to make the subject matter relate to topics they understand and are familiar with. It is also imperative to make sure the students are made knowledgeable about the subject matter and are comfortable enough with that knowledge and the classroom to make them want to interact during class. It important to make sure the classroom becomes a place where the student feels comfortable enough to learn and interact, even if they do not have the experiences in music that others do. It is also important to make sure the students experience music through listening, seeing, and reading. Because some students have more experiences in music then others it is important to present new ideas, or approaches, and introduce the less experienced to the same opportunities. Over all, the most important part of my teaching philosophy is the welfare, education, and success of the students.

Lebanon Valley Concert Choir inside of the St. Matthias Templum

Mark preparing for the LVC marching band field show– 05