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Bachelors of Science: Music Education

Bachelors of Arts: Music

I- Mark Davidson, 5th Grade


II –Standards- A musical whole is a combination of smaller segments. A Musical whole may be made up of same, varied, or contrasting segments.


III-Objective-Students will be able to identify Call and Response within a piece of music. Students will be able to create a short Call and Response piece.


IV– Prior Knowledge-Students will be already know how to identify basic form in a piece of music. They will also know what A, A’, and B mean in reference to form, Will have sung Michael Row Your Boat A Shore.


V-Standards-National-1, 4, 6; State-9.15, 9.35


VI– Needed Materials-one piano, Finale, Computers, and Staff paper, per group. C.D. Player, C.D and “Freedom Come” by Ben Alloway



· Welcome the Class

· Ask the class if they had ever had heard something said, and the whole class knew how to respond?

· Wait till they come up with a few answers and then do whatever clap or chant thing the school uses to quiet a class down

· Explain to them that that is considered a form of Call and Response or Antiphony.

· Tell how it is a relatively new form of music, being invented in this century

· Explain that the most common form of Call and Response, or antiphony is when a soloist or small section sings a song and a choir responds.

· Explain that the form of Call and Response is normally in AA’B format

· Ask who remembers and can describe what A A’ B means

· Wait for right answer or remind them that A is the first musical idea, A’ means that its almost the same as A, but will  be a little ornamented or the words will be different, and that B is something different.

· Tell them that this form of music came from church music and African American Spirituals, and that it has been adapted for music today

· Ask them to listen to this next song and listen for one example of call and response.

· Explain that today we will be talking about a form of music; Antiphony

o Tell the class that both terms, Antiphony and Call and Response are the same thing just with different words.

o Play Freedom Come-4:31

o Ask them for examples of call and response within the song

o Explain how the format of the song in AA’B (inside these wall freedom come freedom come:‌‌׀ ; come one and all, freedom come freedom come:‌‌׀, come one and all, hallelujah.)(3-5 min)

o Wright diagram on the board as I explain the how the form is A A’ B, see attached.

o Transition- Tell them that I would like to play another piece that they might have heard already and might recognize from singing before

o Experience II

o Tell them we are going to sing the song through once as a class because they have already sung it

o Sing Michael Row Your Boat A Shore

o Tell them- This time I would like you to do this as a call and response

o Tell the class-I will sing the call and I would like you, as a class  to be the choir and sing the response

o Sing song again, cueing in the choir/class as I go along

o Transition- Tell the class now that they have heard and preformed a Call and Response song they will be creating their own.

o Tell them I would like them to compose an 8 measure call and response song. Tell them they will be the one doing the call, and the class would be their response during the next class. Explain they must use the A, A’, B form and may use the pianos, or finale for their music.(remainder of class)

VII- Assessment will be by informal observation and evaluation of their compositions

Sample Lesson Plan 5th Grade